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Since you're reading about Duncan Wildlife Control on the web, you've probably heard sounds and noises in your attic, chimney, walls or crawlspace, possibly from a baby raccoon or baby bats.  You also may have noticed that there are several animal-control companies to choose from.  The problem is that not all of them employ peofessional operators with licenses and insurance.  It will save you time, damage and money if you make sure to hire a wildlife professional with experience.  Duncan Wildlife Control is courteous and knowledgeable, and they get the animals, birds or snakes out.  Whether it's a skunk under the house, a pigeon on the roof or a raccoon, opossum or bat colony in an attic, call Duncan Wildlife Control. We will assess your animal or bird problem, schedule an appointment to inspect your wildlife infestation, and develop a custom wildlife solution that will fit your needs.

Duncan Wildlife Control offers professional wildlife control and removal services for solving both residential and commercial animal, bird and snake problems.  We service most areas in South-Western Ontario.  Our animal control and removal experts can create solutions for any wildlife problems or noises you may be hearing from raccoons running though the attic to a flock of pigeons living on a building.  We have years of experience with destructive wild-animal behaviour from raccoons, squirrels, skunks, pigeons, woodpeckers, snakes and more.  You name your animal problem -- we've dealt with it!  We have the safety equipment and knowledge to professionally deal with any animal, bird or snake infestation at your home or business.

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Duncan Wildlife Control - Complete prevention, removal and repair services
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