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Mice and Rats 

Attics, walls, kitchens, storage rooms and crawl spaces are hot sopts in your home where mice and other rodents seek shelter.  House mice and rats love areas of the kitchen including drawers holding food, storage boxes and foodstuffs.  They also like to live in clothing.  These rodents contaminate food, water and stored items with their droppings, urine and hair.  Duncan Wildlife Control knows how to get rid of rats and mice in your kitchen, garage, pantry and attic. 

Racoons, Bats, Oppossums and Squirrels

Chimneys and attics are hotspots for wildlife such as racoons, bats, opposums and squirrels.  In the attic they will leave piles of droppings and cause electrical and flooding damage by chewing on wires and water lines.  Items stored in attics can be contaminated by the fecal matter of baby bats and raccoons.  Insulation can also be damaged by trampling as well as urine and fecal matter.  Chimneys are also entry points for unwanted creatures.  Raccoons, bats and squirrels may enter through the top of your chimney and have babies right above the fireplace.  Some squirrels, raccoons or chipmunks will go so far as to tuck their babies down into wall cavities and in between floors and ceilings.


Soffit areas, I-beams, ledges, signs, exposed trusses and any other high nook or cranny can serve as pigeon and sparrow roosts.  These pigeons and sparrows can come in flocks of hundreds and make a mess of your roof and walkways with their nesting materials, droppings, bird bugs and disease,  Duncan Wildlife Control can clean up any nesting material or droppings and provide a variety of solutions to exclude these birds permanently.


Skunks and rats often will dig down underneath a deck, crawlspace or porch and build a den.  Duncan Wildlife Control can remove any animals living under decks, porches and homes .  We also offer solutions to the problem of skunk odour in your home or business.

 Beavers, Muskrats, Turtles

Unlike many other wildlife control companies, Duncan Wildlife Control provides the removal of beavers, muskrats and snapping turtles from your rivers, streams, ponds and any place they may take up residence on your property.  The destructive ability of beavers is unparralled with the abitlity to cut down large trees and dam up and hold back massive quantities of water.  Flood damage can be incredible!  Muskrats undermine pond and stream banks and plug drains with vegetation to the point where they cannot function.  With their very high reporductive rates, muskrats can become a huge problem within a short period of time. 


Coyotes are also within the scope of our services.  Populations are expanding in range and are encroaching on urban and suburban areas more and more.  As they adapt to living in these areas, coyote attacks on pet cats and dogs are becoming more frequent.  If you have a coyote preying on your pets or livestock, we can handle it.  Unlike many other wildlife control companies, we are licensed by the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources.

Groundhogs and Moles

Duncan Wildlife Control also handles groundhogs and moles that may be causing damage to your lawn or garden.  Moles damage lawns by their tunnelling activities and groundhogs dig multiple burrows which can collaspe ground and undermine buildings if dug close to the foundation.


Duncan Wildlife Control - Complete prevention, removal and repair services
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