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Ontario Bat species

Ontario has 8 bat species but the common ones that home and bussiness owners have problems with are the little brown bat and the big brown bat ,bats are an important part of our ecosyatem and provide insect control they are capable of catching 7 insects a minute they are one of the most effective misquito controllers we have but they present some danger's if they inhabit you atiic or buildings .

Little Brown Bat

Weight :  3-15 grams

Overall length: 79-83 mm

colour: glossy brown on top buff below

Ear length: 14-16 mm

Wingspan: 222-269 mm (9-11 inches)

The little brown bat mates in the fall and young are born in june at this time females and males use separate roosts by late july the young are able to fly and nursery colonies start to break up .

 Big Brown Bat:

Weight: 13-20 grams

Overall lengths: 105-130 mm

Colour: brown above belly paler

Ear length: 18-20 mm

wingspan: 325mm(13-14inches)



Bat Dangers And Concerns:
 There are two major concerns when bats inhabit a house or business where humans could be exposed
Rabies if a human is bitten from an infected bat they may contract rabies
Hystoplasmosisis a diseasethat affects the lungs from breathing the dust and spores from bat feaces(gauno)

Rabies is a contagious disease. It can be transmitted to both people and animals through a cut or a scratch from an infected animal.
The disease attacks the central nervous system and, if left untreated, is always fatal. The chance of running into a rabid animal in Ontario is very low. But if you see or come into contact with an animal you think has rabies, call your local health unit or your family doctor immediately


Rabies is a disease caused by a virus that attacks the mammal’s central nervous system. It is spread by contact with the saliva of an infected animal.

Like other mammals, bats may have rabies. There are eight species of bats in Ontario, each of which has its own strain of rabies, but the more common strains are Big Brown bat, Little Brown bat, and Silver-haired bat. The Silver-haired bat tends to be reclusive and therefore rarely comes into contact with humans.

Rabid bats often lose their ability to fly, or do not fly well. They rarely become aggressive.

Human rabies from bats is a concern, but a relatively rare occurrence. In Canada, since 1925, five of the 26 cases of human rabies have been due to contact with an infected bat.

The last fatality in Canada was a 73 year old man from Alberta in April 2007 after contact with a rabid bat.

Careless handling of bats is the primary source of rabies exposure from bats


Histoplasmosis is caused by a fungus called Histoplasma capsulatum. This fungus grows in warm, moist places like dirt. It grows especially well in the droppings of bats, chickens, pigeons, starlings, and blackbirds.
Histoplasmosis is generally a mild infection, but it varies. In rare cases histoplasmosis can be serious, or even fatal. If you think you have histoplasmosis, see your doctor. Your doctor can tell you what to expect.

It's extremly important to have and use the proper protective gear when working with bat Gauno , Duncan Wildlife Control has the tools and expertise to deal with bat gauno in your attic or building and can safely  remove it and any soiled inuslation which my be causeing health and safety issues for yuor family or employes


Duncan Wildlife Control provides removal of  single bats from dwellings and colonies from attics and buildings . the use of posions for bats is illegal in ontario and also an ineffective way to remove bats from your attic , ultrasonic and noise makers are also ineffective methods to control bats, The olny permanant  solution to bats in your attic or building is a proper wildlife proofing of the structure ,bats can enter through gaps as small as 1/4 inch so it takes a pro to make sure your home is sealed properly ,Duncan Wildlife Control has the tools and knowledge to provide proper wildlife proofing to exclude bats  we use high quialty materials and provide a guarantee of up to 5 years on all our wildlife proofing work.


Duncan Wildlife Control also provides bat houses to help attract bats to your property to provide insect controlor a home for bats that you may have in your attic. we provide a custom made house and instalation if required give us a call or send us an e-mail  and we can discuss your needs


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